We focus on safeguarding your rotating electrical machines through on-site or workshop-based support strategies through a diverse and comprehensive range of repair, maintenance, and service solutions. Electro-mechanical and mechatronics technologists and technicians install, maintain, and repair automated machinery and computer-controlled mechanical systems in industrial settings. They also test, operate, or maintain robotic equipment at worksites.


Employee Backup or Relievers. We have a 5-6 Relievers team present in our Corporate office daily to substitute the absent employees. basis to substitute the absent employees.
Salary Payment: Employees get their salary to their Kotak Bank Account on or before the 10th of every month. Bonus is paid to the employees before Diwali every year through their Kotak Account.
Attrition Level:Our employee attrition rate is below 6 % compared to the industry's 15% attrition rate.
Police Verification: We get Police verification of all our employees through M/S BETTER PLACE, which the KARNATAKA Police authorize.
Training & Development: We regularly provide on-site job training to our employees. The training imparts various skillsets such as etiquette & behavior, Personal grooming, client coordination, Gate control, etc.